David Han

Full stack Software Engineer at Doordash

Seattle, WA






Emails are my preferred method of communication. Let's chat!

I make games!

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Web Games

Simple, easy-to-learn mini games. I just make these for fun.

  • No Signup required.
  • No ads.
  • Mobile friendly.

Paper Trader

Released on July 21, 2021
16,500 unique visitors

You have 45 seconds to make as much (fake) money as you can.

thumbnail for Paper Trader https://paper-trader.davjhan.com/

Guess The Year

Released on May 23, 2021
110,000 unique visitors

Guess what year the following events happened.

thumbnail for Guess The Year https://guess-the-year.davjhan.com/


Small SaaS projects.

Post A Note

Released on August 27, 2020

Type a message, pay 2 bucks, and we'll print it on a laminated 4x6 card & mail it! It takes 30 seconds. No sign-ups, logins, or ads.

thumbnail for Post A Note https://postanote.app

Mobile Games

I also made some mobile games. (But these have all been removed from the app store)

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